Cones Corroded

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Way back in time there were 2 bands called "Embryo Dreams" and "Like B4". These 2 bands decided to merge in march 1991and this resulted in the punk/metal band "Weird Mama Plays".

In 1992 the 1st demo "Frushed Like A Psycho" was recorded. After some changes in the band the second demo "New Sort Of Haze" was recorded. it's 1994. 2 years later the last demotape "Booty" was finished. This would be the last demotape ever. Cd's from now on. "Soulstare" was never released.

In 1998, after the leave of Sylvian, drummer Wilfred joined the band. A new name was chosen; "Cones Corroded". This is the formation untill today. The music style changed to a rock/metal style where the groove and roots are still important. Bumping. the seventies haze and melodies are not forgotten.

Early 2001a new promo-cd "Blossom Ru´ned" was recorded at the Jacobiberg in Arnhem. 6 originals and a bonus track, so 7 numbers in totall. mastering was done by Herman and manufactered/printed intern.

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Voormalige bezetting

Patrick Hovinga zang Van 1998 tot
Herbert Sweers gitaar Van 1998 tot
Jean Paul (onbekend) gitaar Van 1998 tot
Marco Betuwe, van bas Van 1998 tot
Ed Speek drums Van 2002 tot
Wilfred (onbekend) drums Van 1998 tot 2002


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Stijl: Metal
Vanaf: 1998 - onbekend
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