If I Knew

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The story of this band starts with the end of Closeline (an old-school hardcore band that started in 1997), with the leaving of the bass player (Iwan) and the fact that they wanted to go in a different musical direction, the surviving members decided too make a 'fresh start'. Hence: If I Knew was born. But their fresh start didn't ment that their problems where over. The drummer(Jorick) also (at that time) played in Deadbolt and couldn't combine 2 bands with his study and work, so he left. His place was soon filled by Rutger(July 2000). In October of that same year they found a bass player in the person of Sigwin, If I Knew was finally complete and ready to hit the stage.

Voormalige bezetting

Bas Koerselman zang Van 2000 tot 2002
Thijs Koerselman gitaar Van 2000 tot 2002
Gerrit Dries gitaar Van 2000 tot 2002
Rutger Buitendijk drums Van 2000 tot 2002
Sigwin Schlotter bas Van 2000 tot 2002
Jorick (onbekend) drums Van 2000 tot 2001


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Stijl: Hardcore
Vanaf: 2002 - 01-12-2002
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Bijgewerkt: 27-12-2007 12:41

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