Foto: Mike Nicolaassen (collage: Jozzy Rubenski)

In the fall of the magic year 2000 something emerged from nothing in the Dutch city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. A new band was born, containing five youngsters. They all differ in age, religion, background and ideas, but with one similarity: punk (whatever that means today). Unfortunately, the second guitar decided to leave the band in 2002. Orcastrated continued as a four-piece. In 2004 the second guitar returned. We play loud music. For all you close-minded and short-sighted people: it can be described as (hardcore)punk with variable influences such as ska, (scr)e(a)mo, rock‘n'roll and probably a lot of other junk. We have played with several nice acts, such as: Stretch Arm Strong, Beans, The Apers, Children Of Fall, The Bips, The Shaggable Sluts and many more. We like to play as many shows as possible. Hoping that you will enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy playing it, and maybe find a little of yourself in it.


Harry (onbekend) zang Sinds 2000
Barry (onbekend) gitaar Sinds 2000
Wouter (onbekend) gitaar Sinds 2004
Juan (onbekend) bas Sinds 2000
Lennart (onbekend) drums Sinds 2000

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Stijl: Hardcorepunk
Vanaf: 2000 - nu
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