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I am the eXtinct. I've been around for a while, playing in a few bands here and there in different countries throughout the years. I'm am currently residing in Holland where I feel is my home and that I should stay for the time being. I make dark electronica music with heavy guitars thrown in. I used to be in pop, rock, grunge, noise, experimental bands, you name it! However, I still felt limited and held back from my true potential. I have recently been getting into producing and have not long completed my debut recording project- 'Delete Demon' (2008). The eXtinct has been growing and growing for me and I know I feel it will always be a part of me, weather I am in a band or not. I hope to perform more solo shows and promote and encourage creative types to make their own music entirely by themselves! It IS possible! Eventually, I hope to have my own record label and studio under the name 'extinctmusic'. Enjoy! Below is my history// History of the eXtinct// 1989- Keyboard player/ singer- duo band "eXZed"// 1993- solo project- acoustic guitar// 1995-1997- Singer- 4 piece band "Stiff Cactus" (first version)// 1997- Singer- cover band "Phuqard"// 1998- Singer/ Bass player- 4 piece band "Stiff Cactus" (second version)// 1998-1999- Singer- 5 piece band "Sadstone"// 1999-2001- Singer/ Guitarist- 3 piece band "Stiff Cactus" (third version)// 2001- "the eXtinct" began- first EP "Planet Self"// 2001- Singer/ Guitarist- 4 piece band "dR RedTape"// 2002- 2nd "eXtinct" EP- "Titles"// 2003-2007- "dR RedTape" continued as a 3 piece band// 2007- 3rd "eXtinct" EP- "Take Pride in your Condemnation"// 2007- "dR RedTape" ended// 2008- 1st "eXtinct" Album- "Delete Demon"//


Scott Roberts gitaar, zang Sinds 2001


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