Second Dawn

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The myth Having too much spare time on their hands, Pim and Rutger (both studying "music management") wanted to start a band to fill their otherwise boring weekdays. It wasn't long before they found other members in the form of Jaap and Mark (both, like Pim, former members of Triforce). They entered the rehearsal studio and have been rockin' every tuesday since. The men Pim (Vocals) Jaap (Guitar) Mark (Bass) Rutger (Drums) The many Pim, Jaap and Mark used to play in "Triforce" (rip). Jaap also used to play in "Grand Audio Commotion" (rip) and now plays in "Respite". Mark played a few shows with ".ForeverBlue.". Rutger plays in "Strike First" and "Lab Rat". He's also a former member of "If I Knew" and probably has a horde of other bands we don't know about.


Pim Seijsner zang Sinds 2002
Jaap (onbekend) gitaar Sinds 2002
Mark (onbekend) bas Sinds 2002

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Stijl: Metal
Vanaf: 2002 - nu
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