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March 2002: three goodlooking guys from Arnheim start out a new rock & roll band called Ladybooster. They deceided to play basic forward rock & roll and so they did. Unfortunetly 2 months later they already had to transform into a duo, due to the bassplayer was suffering from the terrible brain decease Korsakov.

And so on their style evolved from so called ‘hard-rawk’ into more trashy and primitive rock & roll. Badly influenced by bands like: the Oblivians, Billy Childisch, the Beguiled, the Monsters and just about everything else that’s rock & roll, you know… tepid beer, cheap women, being broke, constipation, hearteache, love, hate, premature ejaculation, broken down stereo’s, slow cars, tv dinners, wetting your sheets, being fooled (again!),............

Shocking as it was true a couple of months later they had their first live performance as a duo and it was stunning. They combined lo-fi surfpunk&roll with an amazing show and buckets full of sweat. In other words : three-chord songs with an ear-splitting guitar, poundin’ drums and screaming vocals. Once again this well known formula proved to be very affective and a new scale of fans was born, which resulted in playing on a regular basis.

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Door: rens van onna Op: 08 2018 om 19:36

rico reinelt? neen ,helaas dat kunnen we niet goed rekenen, aub veranderen in rens van speelt tegenwoordig meer sludgy achtige stijl,....

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