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Lovebite started in 1990. Their first line up was Eggie on guitar and vocals, Andre on bass and Rick Strik on drums. After a few demos they debuted in 1994 with their first album ‘Lovebite Live’, a live album recorded at a sold out concert in Hedon, at their hometown Zwolle.
By that time the band was known for their intensive touring around the country, at least one gig a week besides their regular work.

In 1995 Rick decided to leave the band. Joosten (ex-Killcityrebel and The Hunter) was asked to replace Rick. After a year of touring Lovebite receorded it’s first studio album called ‘Greatest Shit’, this album had good critics in Holland, Belgium, Germany and even Japan. Lovebite was ready for their next step, they toured with De Heideroosjes, did supports for Gluecifer, The Hellacopters, D.O.A., The Exploited, UK Subs, The Vibrators and Herman Brood.

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Eggie (onbekend) gitaar, zang Van onbekend tot
Andre (onbekend) bas Van onbekend tot
Egbert Joosten drums Van onbekend tot


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Door: G@by Op: 06 2012 om 11:33

just talking about "good old times"( at places like "de duif", "de olde skoele")in/round Zwolle,I remember me the rude& rediculouz party's we had, with LOVE BITE in those days...
Than I wonderd wat became of it,....I knew it: Real PUNX will never die( the just became old)

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