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FLUISTERWOUD was started at the end of 1996 by Nachtraaf as a black metal solo project. In 1998 the first demo "een Sinister Schouwspel" was recorded with the help of session-drummer. The demo was spread in the underground and over 300 copies got sold and caught the attention of Full Moon Production (usa). After some years and line-up changes the debut album "Langs Galg en Rad" was recorded in 2002. The line-up for this album was: Saglinge - Voice from the Grave Nachtraaf - Deathsaw Havoque - Bassquakes Lahar - Doombell Months after the recording the line-up was doomed to changes again since Havoque left the band and moved to Canada to play with the band ALLFATHER. He got replaced by Trol of the Dutch band DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS. A couple of weeks later Lahar left because he wanted to concentrate more on his other band CAEDERE. He got replaced by Mysteriis also from DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS. Later on Eklipse of SAURON was recruted to wield the second guitar..

Voormalige bezetting

(onbekend)">"Saglinge" (onbekend) zang Van 1996 tot
(onbekend)">Jim "Nachtraaf" (onbekend) gitaar Van 1996 tot
(onbekend)">"Eklipse" (onbekend) gitaar Van 1996 tot
(onbekend)">"Trol" (onbekend) bas Van 1996 tot
(onbekend)">"Mysteriis" (onbekend) drum Van 1996 tot


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Stijl: black metal
Vanaf: 01-12-1996 - 2007
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