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Foto: Rob van Manen

GRGRAVEN IMAGE “Death Metal Bastards” from the Arnhem/Nijmegen area in The Netherlands, and shaped into current form and style by members firmly rooted in the Dutch & Norwegian extreme Metal-scene.
Founded as a “friends from different bands” project in 2003, accidently developing further. Most comfortable onstage, the band released three live offerings(demo, ep & dvd) between 2005 and 2010, while in this meantime GI members being very much active with “other bands” Kampfar & Autumnal Reaper. Since 2011 and forth the band’s priority has shifted to writing and visiting the studio more often instead of spending “every available minute” into playing live shows next to full-time jobs. The 2012 “Return Fire” release is a good example of a band enjoying creating a collective landmark from a completely uncommercial point of view. The band will close the first decade by releasing an unconventional album “Deus Bastardus” winter 2013, followed by some selective shows, while already writing the follow up album in custom Bastard-style.


Royy Vermeulen drums, zang Sinds 2003
Waltr Verschoor zang gitaar Sinds 2003
Arno Rensink bas Sinds 2003
Ask Ty Arctander drums Sinds 2006
Tom Teunissen drums Sinds 01-09-2007
Dave Beers, van gitaar Sinds 01-11-2007

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Stijl: Death Metal
Vanaf: 2003 - nu
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