Mortal Form

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MORTAL FORM a death / thrash band from Arnhem/Duiven the Netherlands. Since 1999 the band brings out self financed recordings, arrages their own gigs and
started gaining sympathy from both fans and bands.
1994: Members of the first hour Vince, Teun en Bastiaan started Odd Funeral (later MORTAL FORM) playing Sepultura and Black Sabbath covers. 1999: After some line-up changes MORTAL FORM recorded their first self financed MCD X-Plore . Bass player / vocalist Tim left the band during the recordings. New vocalist Edme entered the band and took care of the vocal parts. Some local gigs to promote this release were done. 2000: After new bass player Tobias (ex Lab-Rat) joined the band MORTAL FORM started working on material for their second self-financed release The End of Times which was released in December 2000. Positive reviews were placed in well-known magazines as The Aardschok (HOL), Ablaze (GER) and the Mindview (BEL).

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Tobias Bronsdijk bas Sinds onbekend
Teun Jans gitaar Sinds onbekend
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Bastiaan Seynaeve drums Sinds onbekend


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