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Jelmer, ex-Inquisition (Dutch) was looking for companion troublemakers, to start a refreshing new band, which could spit its guts as much as possible by launching an overwhelming brand of metal... After his search he ended up in october 2005 with a well-experienced bunch of wildmen, previously engaged to bands like Pre-Mortem (technical metal, Pollo), Deamonation (death/black, Mike), Dagoba System (alternative rock/metal, Marco) and Deadbolt (progressive hardcore, Ronald). At last, it's november 2005, and the dudes end up together to rehearse in Arnhem, which started with the greatest of ease, and untill now they're polishing 8 tracks to prepare energetic gigmaterial, record it as well, and present loads of cool merch... So, people... it won't be long 'till the rage is goin' to get you in one way or another, and for the kids out there: Leave your parents in the house and lock all windows and other entries...


Jelmer Bronsdijk gitaar Sinds 01-11-2005
Pollo (onbekend) gitaar Sinds 01-11-2005
Marco (onbekend) bass Sinds 01-11-2005
Mike (onbekend) drums Sinds 01-11-2005
Ronald (onbekend) zang Sinds 01-11-2005
Lars (onbekend) gitaar Sinds 2010
Leonie (onbekend) bas Sinds 2010
Bachus (onbekend) drums Sinds 2010


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Door: Elwin Molenaar Op: 06 2012 om 13:59

Jelmer - gitaar
Lars - gitaar
Leonie - bas
Ronald - zang
Elwin Molenaar (Ex-Her Enchantment, Ex-Crucified Corpse, Ex-Deadbolt, Ex-Eyepatch, Ex-Arms of Valour, Ex-Thronar, Ex-Fiorina (Schotland) en Ex-Chaos Rising (Schotland)) - Drums


Door: Ronald Stempyn Op: 17 2011 om 13:55

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Jelmer - gitaar
Lars - gitaar
Leonie - bas
Bacchus - drums
Ronald - zang

Stijl: Metal
Vanaf: 01-11-2005 - nu
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