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“The leads” is a band that is built up by enthusiastic motivated musicians. They have been on the road for a few years now and have been playing all around the country. They offer down to earth high-quality pop-rock music written straight from the soul. The front man of the band, George Konings, is the owner and producer of the sound vision studio in Arnhem and has years of experience in music production with many great artists. This is probably the reason the band spent too many hours in the studio striving for perfection. The talented drummer Melvin Puijn has no problems to keep up with the feel and fills of Hans Eijkenaar who played most of the drums on their first album.

All members of the band, including guitarist Benno Duijkers, are dyed-in-the-wool live musicians and therefore this formation is well suited to take it to the big stages and make sure you’ll experience great live performances with lots of energy and entertainment! “The Leads” already appeared on a concert of the famous Dutch band “Blf” as support act. In addition the band did some major tours in Poland and Croatia where they were already successful with their first album “Out of the Blue” including the hits “Looking Around” and “Vision of you”.

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George Konings gitaar, zang Sinds 2006
Benno Duijkers bas, zang Sinds 2006
Melvin Puijn (onbekend) Sinds 2006


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