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At 5 December 2005 Pearl gave a Sinterklaas party a the Arnhem’ villa she was living in at that time. It was a hot party, but that’s not the point. It was at this party that she and her friends Basso and Anuschka started talking about making music together.
Each of the three gorgeous women, singers by profession, had a long nourished wish to play an instrument, but never had the time and occasion to start with it. They came up with the idea of starting a band together and decided they needed a singer and writer…
It was later that night that actor Jack arrived at the party and walked in on the drunken Chiq’s with their plan. He immediately decided to join them; writing lyrics, making music and being the lead singer of a rock band was his secret wish for years…
They celebrated their meeting until the early hours of the next morning and it must have been ‘round 6 pm they found their name: CHICADELIQ.

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Jacques 'Jack' Riebeek zang Sinds 05-12-2005
Marielle 'Pearl' Woltring drums Sinds 05-12-2005
Yaso 'Basso' Fernandez bas Sinds 05-12-2005
Miriam 'Anuschka' Moczko toetsen Sinds 05-12-2005


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