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Been pumpin hiphop since the early '90s with a taste for all sorts of MCs, rangin from Q-tip to Inspectah Deck, from Nas to Yukmouth, from Kurupt to Buckshot, from Buju Banton to Big Pun. After a few years picked up a pen myself and let some ink run on the paper, ever since I recorded my first verse on a tape with a ghettoblaster and a mic from the stone ages, I was sold. Eventhough a lot of people wasnt feelin me back then I kept on writing. Started doing my thing in dutch too, but English still has my preference after all these years. I met a lot of ill cats, connected with a lot of ill cats, did some shows, did more hosting at parties then performing, got tired stopped, but couldnt really stop...

Now Im on a level of which I can truly say fuccit, Ima do this regardless. Eventhough Im a lazy mufukka, who rather sleeps the day away then headover to the studio to record some new shit, still tagging along with Furiuz Stylez doing shows, and mc'ing parties with dj Danjah. Right now I aint been doin much cuz I aint got the motivation to do somethin. It'll come when it comes right.


Roger (onbekend) rapper Sinds onbekend


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