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Eka the mad samplist is born the 20th of December 1972, Apeldoorn , the Netherlands, Europe.
He has been active within the hip hop community since he was 12 years old. Started DJ-ing at party's when he was 16 years old.
By the time he was 23 he wanted to do something for hip hop culture and started a radioshow in his new Hometown of Arnhem.
It was a local Hip hop radioshow called Beatz of Boom and it slowly but shurely became an underground succes and artists from all over the Netherlands wanted to be on the show.Eka released a few mixtapes and also started to organize hip hop party's called: Beatz of Boom present: Shureshot
He did this together with is Radioshow partner DJ Ali Khan who joined the show after 1,5 years.
After 6 years of doin' the radioshow and DJ-ing all over the country he thought is was time to focus on production and quit the radio and DJ_ing at party's. A friend called DJ Censor took over the show.

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