Moxie Crimefighter

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Having trouble reading those tiny letters? We thought you might... That's why we enlarged it for you to read here: "Moxie Crimefighter is a band hailing from Arnhem (Netherlands). Their sound is best described as a no nonsense cross-breeding of groove rock, stoner rock and grunge. While influenced by many different styles of music, the band maintains their own, unique sound and style." Though we'd like you to think otherwise, Moxie Crimefighter is nothing more than a group of guys who like to rock. We've made an effort to let you know what we're all about. If you like it, then stick around. And if not, well, then we still hope you'll find a way to like it. :-)


Cas Rasing bas Sinds onbekend
Dion van den Berg gitaar Sinds onbekend
Chiel Segerink zang Sinds onbekend
Ronald Leming drums Sinds onbekend


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