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Swedish born, on the 23rd of april 1982. At the age of 2 he moved to Holland and became a Dutchie. At the age of 15 he developed a love for hiphop music and 2 step, found a simple music programme and started to produce hiphop- beats for several local hiphopgroups.
When he became older he started to go out and discovered the magical sound of housemusic, and started DJ-ing. When working as a dj for several clubs in Holland his interest in funky-house moved to a rougher electric house-sound and was influenced by many DJ's at the time.
With the knowledge of making hiphop-beats he decided to produce housemusic and after making several edits and unofficial tracks he now works in a team of producers on electro house. In this team he created a remix of Antiloop - In My Mind, a remix for DJ Salah from Luxembourg and several tracks of his own.. (see musicplayer for own tracks)

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