Strike First

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In this time of hate, lies, greed, diseases and war,
In this time of denial, something has to be done to
wake up humanity and let them face the truth.


Started in 2002 by members and ex-members of different
hardcore outfits, Strike First writes songs that are full of
anger and hate against todays ignorance. No holier than
thou posi-preaching, just a slap in your face with reality.
Expect brutal hardcore with heavy breakdowns and moshparts.

Keep your eyes open for Strike First 'cause you never know
when we'll hitting your town.

The unstoppable force STRIKE FIRST documented its sonic fury and unleashed their neanderthall primal urge on their debut 7 " cd 'Chant Down Babylon' on Crucial Response Records from Germany. They ask questions, they accuse, they reach out for hope and admit defeat. Raw-non-compromise, direct and sincere hardcore songs that grab you by the throat the first minute you hear them 'till the last word has been spoken. Influenced by the greats like Raw Deal, Cro-Mags, Breakdown, Outburst and the Bad Brains they try to capture the same raw sound these bands created in the late 80's and early 90's with the freshness of today's hardcore.

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Door: Emiel Op: 25 2011 om 21:41

Strike first is dead.

* 2002
+ 2011

Stijl: Hardcore
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