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The story begins when Canadian-born (Vancouver), Netherlands-reared Carol van Dyk was hired as the live-sound mixer for the celebrated underground band de Artsen (the Doctors). Bunskoeke and Visser were already members, Dubbe was their roadie and the musical side project in which all four friends participated became Bettie Serveert. (Since you ask, the name means "Bettie to serve" after Dutch tennis player Bettie Stöve, who lost the Wimbledon Ladies Final in 1977).

After a false start in 1986 when they dissolved after only one gig, the band reformed in 1990 and quickly caught the ear of Matador, Brinkman and 4AD's Guernica label for whom they kindly agreed to record their first album 'Palomine'. Carol van Dyk's seductive voice, Peter Visser's emotional guitar playing and the band's bittersweet melodies and a cool cover of Sebadoh's 'Healthy Sick' made for an impressive debut, which endeared them immediately to the press.

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Carol Dijk, van gitaar, zang Sinds 1991
Herman Bunskoeke bas Sinds 1991
Peter Visser gitaar Sinds 1991
Martijn Blankenstein toetsen Sinds 2005
Gino Geudens drums Sinds 2005

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Stijl: College pop
Vanaf: 1990 - nu
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