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Christened after the Hayao Miyazaki film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Nausica (the band) inhabits a music world as cinematic as its namesake. The touch points are varied. There’s the emotive slurs in Karkoschka’s operatic soprano, often taking it from a rough, PJ-Harvey-style pronouncement to an ethereal, My Brightest Diamond reminiscent trill. Anything from a drunken waltz, to a heartbroken ballad, to moments of rock served straight up—There are no limits to the places Nausica will go. The songs are sweet, but the undertow is often quite spiky, driven by Warpaint-like shifts to their lush instrumentals transform songs from uneasy lullabies to explosive powerhouses, framed by an ever-present sea of percussion. On stage, the quartet is joined by visual artists Menah and Glitterende Eenhoorn. As Karkoschka explains, their partnership with the VJs is especially unique, with the visual art inspiring the music as much as the music inspires the art. It should come as no surprise that the members of Nausica are as different as their multi-faceted influences. Despite having attended the same music college in Arnhem, Netherlands, it wasn’t until after their official studies had ended that Edita Karkoschka, Tim Coehoorn, Marius Mathiszik, and Jannis Knüpfer found each other. Even then, with members hailing from three separate countries (Poland, Netherlands, and Germany), geography was against them. But, through careful orchestration (“We’re getting better and better with communication!” Karkoschka jokes.), Nausica has managed to not only survive but thrive. Only a year out of the gates, the band has found a loyal fan base after a string of high profile Dutch events including Valkhof Festival, Noorderzon Festival, Park Open Arnhem, and Le Mini Who. They’ve also supported Son Lux at the sold out performance in the MC Theater in Amsterdam, and Dutch band De Kift in Arnhem, and made a live appearance on Germany’s largest radio station, “1LIVE.” With a string of tour dates in the works for the summer months, the band is headed back into the studio to record a follow-up to their self-titled EP (now available on iTunes and Spotify via Woda Kolonska Records). It will be a six-song collection that musicians promise will reflect their dynamic stage presence while introducing a biting, post-rock undercurrent. It’ll also serve as an introduction to their debut full-length, which Nausica hopes to ready for release in 2015.


Edita Karkoschka zang, toetsen Sinds 2009
Tim Coehoorn gitaar Sinds 2009
Marius Mathiszik bas Sinds 2009
Daniel Karelly drums Sinds 2009


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